Friday, June 20, 2008

Pants, trousers, whatever you call them...

I currently have three pairs of pants- black, white and beige. The black and white ones are of the same design. I find that I'm quite utilitarian when it comes to buying pants- just neutral colours and slim-cut (not too tight!). If I find a design that fits me well I won't hesitate to buy it in a few colours. As for jeans I have two pairs, but I try not to wear them too often to avoid being a member of the clone army on the MRT. I like my jeans with some stretch for ease of movement, also slim-cut and with thinner, breathable fabric. Right now I'm looking out for a pair of dark-rinse jeans and grey pants like this:

Perhaps less tight though. I'd also like to own a pair in light-wash denim.

A more adventurous pair like this:

Capris don't seem to suit me maybe because my ankles are thick in relation to my legs. Sad because it means missing out on cool looks:

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