Sunday, July 27, 2008

Steps to updating online CAAL portfolio with class CIP

1. Log in and go to Student Centre -> My Profile

2. Click on 'View My Details'. A window will pop up.

3. Select CAAL and under 'Activity Search', check the box that says 'CIP'. Leave 'Group' and 'Activity Title' blank. Under the drop-down bar that says 'Year', select 2008. Click on 'Search Activity' and a list of items will appear.
Note: Do NOT click 'Add CIP Activities' as that is to add a new CIP activity to the database.

4. Click on the fifth item, 'Class Home Adoption Programme'. Under 'Involvement Type', select the last one- 'Tutoring/ Reading Programme'. Under 'Involvement', choose 'Participant'. Put the 'Tutor to Endorse' as 'Ms Chen Wei Hong Willa'.

No. of hours allocated: 1 1/2 hours for each session + 2 hours (for organizing)

Crystal- 4 sessions
Yi Lin- 5
Shufang- 5
Bingxin- 5
Ernest- 3
Baoru- 6
Abel- 3
Jamie- 3
Enqin- 5
Kim- 5
Xiaochen- 5
Sophia- 5
Fangyu- 2
Gloria- 5
Ziyin- 6
Audrey- 3

Please add one more session if you are going for the one on this wed (which is the last session). If you're not sure of anything pls sms me or leave a comment.

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