Sunday, July 27, 2008

Body art as an accesory

I got my hands henna-ed (traditional Indian art of dyeing a pattern on your body) by a friend on Friday. Here's its progression through the three stages of colours:

When the ink is first applied it appears black.

After the ink dries and hardens it flakes off to reveal an orange stain...

... before finally darkening to a rich brown.

I'm loving my 'tatoo' now. Indian brides actually cover their large portions arms and legs with intricate henna patterns for their wedding day.

I'm intrigued by the pictures of henna patterns on the legs. Maybe I'll try that next time. Today I took care to choose an outfit that complemented my 'tattoo':

I wore a pale blue dress with a white floral pattern that somewhat resembled my 'tattoo' and layered multiple bangles on my wrist. I really like the look!

Here's another instance of body art being part of a look or outfit:

Isn't her floral tattoo so pretty? I don't think I'm getting a tattoo anytime soon because it might limit the kinds of styles I can adopt. Besides, I don't like the pain and the needles. But temporary body art like henna suits my purpose.

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