Saturday, July 5, 2008


I've drawn a few comics in the past. I kind of like to look at them as they remind me of my naivety somehow (plus my substandard drawing skills!)

This is a rather frivolous comic done in Sec 1 featuring two cars who decide to have some romance of their own when their owners meet up for a romantic candlelit meal. I was too lazy to finish colouring.

Taking a hit at George Bush and his favourite phrase "weapons of mass destruction". He steals Iraq's weapons and uses them to attack the planet of Moo Roo. Lame, I know. Where do I get all these silly ideas in my head?

This was an assignment done for the superheroes module of Language Arts in IP1. I had quite alot of fun inventing my own superhero called Icicle. She can shoot streams of ice from the third eye on her forehead! Her mother was actually an alien who left the planet of Frost and married a human. Icicle has to keep her powers a secret from others and her father as well. I think her mask is very cool too.

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