Wednesday, July 9, 2008

I realised today that I suffer from a total incapacity to control and discipline children. Shouting at naughty children to behave is such a foreign concept to me. I suppose this is a disadvantage of being the youngest in the family. My eldest brother is 10 years older than me; always more mature and wonderfully behaved. As for my young cousins, I only see them once a year and they are perfectly sweet. I think I've always possessed a great degree of self-discipline which is one good thing I can say about myself. My parents were never the sort to be constantly breathing down my neck or checking my schoolwork. They left it to me to take responsibility for my own learning. In turn, I think it's only fair of myself to work hard not to disappoint them who've given me so much, and also not to disappoint myself. I recognize that, left to their own devices, not everyone can have this degree of self-control which is pretty much what's happening to most children who are neglected by their parents. Frankly, it's quite sad. I wish I could do more for these children.

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