Friday, July 18, 2008


I know many people don't have breakfast. But I'm someone who has breakfast RELIGIOUSLY, everyday without fail. So Simply Breakfast is my kind of blog. The owner posts artistically-taken photos of her delicious and healthy-looking breakfasts everyday.

What would I like to have for breakfast? English milk tea, freshly-baked bread slathered with butter or dipped in olive oil and eaten with scrambled eggs and Spanish ham, fruit salad, Post cereal and many more yummy things. How did I come to like Spanish ham? Well, my mum's friends went to Spain for a holiday and brought back a pack of it for us. I loved it so much that I ate it on bread for breakfast everyday until the pack was finished. I still remember the glorious breakfast buffet we had during our stay at the Tokyo Hyatt Hotel. Must I mention the breakfasts on the Qatar flights that I took to Europe? Their omelettes were perfect. Oh, I'm also craving that yummy yoghurt I ate at my last breakfast in Tokyo last year. I wanted to stay behind just so that I could have more of it!

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