Saturday, September 1, 2007

I'm back

Haven't updated in such a long time! Got really caught up with work. Okay, where to start? So much has happened in this period of time. I WENT TO EUROPE! I've always dreamed of setting foot on the continent ever since my brother returned from a trip to Europe many years ago with amazing stories. I had NO IDEA it would be this soon! Many people have hardly ever stepped out of their city, haven't visited other states in their country, even. For me, travel is a part of my life. Getting to know new cultures, having new experiences, really widens my outlook and enriches my life. I've visited Malaysia, Australia, America, China, Japan, and now Europe. It's really best to stay with locals when you visit a country. They can take you to places not on the travel itinerary, and show you the lifestyle of a local. It's a great that I have relatives all over the world in Australia, America, Japan, Malaysia. Whenever I go to a new place, I always make sure that I try the food. My palate is just so diverse. I've loved almost any food that I've tried: Indian, Japanese, Korean, Mexican, French, Thai, fusion... My family has this practice of trying various cuisines whenever we eat out. My mum once said that travel is expensive, but the experience is well worth the money. I consider myself truly fortunate that I can afford to go travelling.

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