Sunday, September 9, 2007


Sumiko Tan's regular coloumn in Life! today was titled 'A woman needs a man'.

Maybe I'm traditionalist or conservative, but while I strongly believe in a woman's capability, I've always envisioned a happy marriage together with a successful career as the ultimate fulfillment in life. Granted, maybe you don't need marriage to have a soulmate, but taking a marriage vow helps build commitment to the relationship. I'm cheered by the fact that if I become a spinster, I can live with my sister in a house with cats or something. Assuming she's not married as well.

I observe that there's an obsession over youth and beauty, for women much more than men. While older men might be viewed as masculine and mature, the range of anti-aging beauty products seems to suggest that older women are less attractive, sexually as well. Young women fear growing old and ugly. But there are many women who are tremendously enjoying their later years. Some older women even say that their quality of life now is better than when they were young. I guess it all depends on your attitude towards life.

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