Tuesday, September 4, 2007

My mum and I had this conversation yesterday:

Mum: So what are you planning to do this holidays?
Me: Erm, studying?
Mum: When are your exams?
Me: End of this month.
Mum: So can afford to relax a bit first right?
Me: That was what I thought but apparently everyone's studying.

She was all fed up about my sister having SPA exam yesterday. She's like "How come there's test during the school holidays? Can sue the school you know!" My exact sentiments, actually. I'm ok with there being extra lessons and all sorts, but a TEST? Earlier in June she couldn't understand why I was studying and why there were tests right AFTER the holidays. I suppose she's still got the primary school system stuck in her mind, where we finish our tests before the holidays and then we're off to lala-land. But it's not like I'm her oldest child or something. She's seen two sons through junior college and she's still clueless about the system. Maybe in my brothers time (5 years ago and 10 years ago) they didn't really have to study. She keeps complaining about how late we sleep and can't stop bugging me whenever I stay up late. Eventually I just give up and go to sleep because I can't stand her incessant bothering. I told her others are staying up even later than me and she said we should complain to school that our workload is too big.

Ok, rewind to an earlier conversation when I was talking something about school and my mum was giving me a blank look:

Me: You really don't know anything about the school system, do you?
Mum: No.
Me: Don't you feel you should know?
Mum: No. I don't have to bother as long as you're not failing.


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