Wednesday, September 5, 2007


I know many dismiss astrology as woolly stuff, but I admit I do occasionally check my horoscope forecast for the day. This description of Cancerians (my horoscope) seems rather accurate.

Deeply intuitive and sentimental, Cancerians can be one of the most challenging of the zodiac to get to know. Emotion runs strong for this sign, and when it comes to family and home, nothing is more important. Sympathetic and empathic, Cancerians are greatly attuned to those around them. Devotion is the key word for this sign, making them wonderfully warm, sensitive people to be around.

Friends and Family
Traditional and maternal, Cancerians make excellent parents. In fact, all aspects of family are number one to this sign. This can be seen in the homes they make and in the dedication to duty they display. Cancerians are often willing to overlook personality conflicts when it comes to family, simply because they are related. Whatever needs to be done, you can count on a Cancerian to go the distance for a family member. They are deeply sentimental and are diligent about keeping family albums and history intact. Passing on stories to the next generation is a favorite pastime.When it comes to friendships, the Cancerian is very helpful. They're almost always willing to lend a hand, providing it doesn't conflict with family obligations. Friends are held in high regard and are generally of like mind. Because the Cancerian generally prefers the home scene rather than going out, folks that enjoy visiting and sharing activities such as cards or at-home dining are top picks for buddies. While their deeply intuitive, heart-not-head personality makes Cancerians very sympathetic, it can also make them a little hard to understand. Time is the cure for this!

I kinda agree that I tend to follow my heart rather than my head, leading me to do things that might seem irrational to others. Plus, the photo they put in the article is that of a female artist!

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