Monday, September 3, 2007

Ok, I'm STILL not willing to get back to studying. I really really hope I'm in the Waseda programme! I LOVE Tokyo. The course seems really interesting too- International Liberal Studies.

I'm going to be totally random and talk about plastic surgery. It's not that random actually 'cos my brother just had surgery to correct his jaw. I know some people are very against plastic surgery, but I actually don't disapprove of it. Often, the line between corrective surgery and plastic surgery is very fine, like in my brother's case. I don't get the fuss about 'natural' beauty. I think plastic surgery's a personal choice and we shouldn't treat those who've had plastic surgery as unnatural freaks or lower-grade material, like we're better because our beauty is natural. I think that's conceit. Before we critiscise them, we should take a look at ourselves. People do things like identifying who is 'chio'. There's no denying that we care about looks. I'm not saying that we're wrong. I think we naturally gain a sense of aesthetic pleasure when we appraise something that's beautiful (erm... trying not to get too philosophical here...). When people's looks are subject to scrutiny, we can't blame those less blessed for feeling self-conscious. I do feel self-conscious about being thin sometimes. You know, like 'do i look too thin in this'? Lol. Everyone wants to be looked at and admired at least once in their lifetime. It feels good. I do think that no one should see plastic surgery as a solution to the problems in their life. We can afford to laugh when we're young. But we shouldn't be so quick to say we will never have plastic surgery.

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