Tuesday, April 17, 2007


Went to watch the Chinese Dance SYF today, and was struck by the visually arresting displays. This got me pondering about the idea of art. I feel there is a strong human need to create art, and that is why some people become artists despite the financial instability of the job. They do it because they simply have to, because they can't live without it. By art, I don't just mean paintings or the like. Dance, music, literature, even cooking, to me, are all artforms. I don't think art is solely based on the experience of the observer, and for this reason, I disagree with the notion that art is simply what the institution of the art world designates as such. There is something about a brilliant work of art that elevates it to a higher level, beyond the mundane, perhaps into the realm of the divine. I think art is a release of the inner soul, a way of breaking free of the repressions every person has.

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