Friday, January 23, 2009

RISD drawing no. 3 + Parsons Challenge completed!

RISD drawing: "of any subject or situation but your finished drawing must utilize both sides of the sheet of drawing paper".



The Parsons Challenge

"All applicants must submit the challenge described below. This exercise is a way for us to understand how you structure ideas and convey them.

Where do you live? What are your everyday activities? Where do you go? What have you overlooked? Discover something new within your familiar surroundings and daily life; this might be an object, event, activity, or location.

Interpret your discovery in three (3) perspectives in any medium and in three (3) statements of approximately 150 words each. Projects may proceed from image to text or text to image. Each interpretation should represent a different perspective or point of view. Each statement should explore your creative and imaginative process and contribute to the work in both form and content. "


Statement and Image 1

Statement and Image 2

Statement and Image 3

I've been neglecting the blog these few days but have the results to show for it. I've tackled and completed what I consider the two most difficult tasks. The instructions for the RISD drawing and Parsons Challenge had me scratching my head. A challenge, no doubt. I don't know if what I did is what they're looking for, but I'm pleased with them. Now I'm consolidating my portfolio and I aim to have everything sent by the end of this week. Once I'm done I'll provide a link to my portfolio so you can see it.

PS. Gladys, you asked how I got into the auction? Me and my mum just went there dressed appropriately, registered and got a number for the auction. Then we were allowed in. You're not required to bid or anything.

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