Sunday, January 25, 2009

For your Enrichment

I admit that I'm a net geek. I get most of my info from reading online sites. It's just so convenient, and besides, you can find things that you normally wouldn't find in the papers or books. The blogs and sites on the sidebar are those that I frequent, but there are many others that I like as well, just that they update less regularly. I decided to do something with my links i.e. share about them. So here are some sites that I read (not all of them are about fashion!).



Banal Chic Bizarre
I still haven't exactly figured out what this blog is about, because I'm too lazy to read the Japanese. I think it belongs to a clothing shop in Japan, and a rather quirky one at that. Shops in Japan are very creative in their decor, selection of merchandise and general aesthetic. There are lots of small, independent upstarts. Anyway, this blog is picture porn for me- all kinds of cool-looking garments. And I like the blurry, bad-ish quality of the photos.

I've heard that they want to compile this blog's posts into a book, and with good reason 'cos the posts are really insightful. As the name suggests, it's a blog about architecture, landscape and urban spaces in general. But it's not like one you'd expect. There's a sprinkling of little-known facts, interesting analysis and ingenious ideas that may actually be feasible. I think it's good to read, despite being technical at times, as it's about the environment we live in- a subject that's relevant to us all. Check out it's blog title/logo- it's simple and effective. The blog just looks professional.

Want to know what's going on in the art world? This is the blog for you. Warning: it's very specialized, with info about gallery openings and such. I've found interesting things here though. I discovered the work of artist Andrew Wyeth through this blog- will post about him some other time.

SeeSaw Designs
Blog featuring graphic design work and general aesthetics. They seem to favour a simpler, cleaner aesthetic, which is appealing to me.

Yalos Alanya
Truly lovely and inspiring sculptures created using driftwood. My favourite is the Christian Nativity scene- they really outdid themselves with that one. Here's what the creators say: 'When we pick up "the beached", as we call them, the artistic work has already been done. Our job is only to put together and to bring out the beauty perfectly created by nature.' How amazing is that? You can see jewellery created with driftwood at their other blog.



Carole Tanenbaum Vintage Collection
Who is this girl? Or rather, she has a business trading in vintage jewellery and accessories. According to the front page, they have an inventory of over 15 000 pieces! Whoa! The jewellery is seriously stunning, the most beautiful I've ever seen, and neatly categorized. Updates can be found at their blog.

All things design- interior, product, graphic. Its sneak peek at the interior of people's houses is nice and they have sections on DIY, before and after etc.

Logo Design Love
I never really knew or appreciated the thought that goes into logos until I found this website. Really interesting to read the analysis of the effectiveness of logos and the design process. After looking at this site you'd view logos in a different light.

Resurrection Vintage
Firstly, I think the name is smart 'cos it's almost an oxymoron. This is a vintage boutique that often organizes exhibitions. Past exhibitions have included the work of Japanese designers and Italian tailors. Photos of the exhibits can be viewed, and I find them really interesting as they have some kind of fashion historical value.

The Post Family
Interesting projects or concepts, usually art or design-related, are posted.

Today and Tomorrow
I think the name accurately conveys what they do (post regularly) and the kind of art they feature- art that is contemporary hence forward-looking as well. For those whose idea of art is limited to stuffy classical oil paintings, this should provide a glimpse of the myriad forms art today can take.


I think I've posted too many already! Shall stop here.

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