Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Cage skirt- 3 ways

I watched a little of the TV show called 'Stylista' by the creators of Project Runway and it made me think that being the editor of a fashion magazine would be the perfect job for me! Actually I've entertained this notion before. I want to bring Teen Vogue to Singapore and be the editor of it. As you can guess, Teen Vogue is one of my favourite magazines because of the youthful, adventurous outfits. I find that Vogue has too many advertisements and I read it more for the articles. My other favourite magazine is a Japanese one- Souen. It contains very creative, artistic editorials as well as interesting features on art, architecture, lesser-known Japanese clothing brands etc. In other words, it's the perfect thing for me. I think the Japanese seriously have the best shopping culture- their shop decor is carefully crafted and the clothes so unique. No wonder Japanese streetstyle is so exciting.

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