Sunday, January 18, 2009

Jewellery auction

I went to a jewellery auction today and this is what I wore, a little dressier for the occasion- a Victorian top with delicate lace and black velvet trimming with slim black pants and low heels. Later I slipped on a beige military jacket with gold buttons- great contrast with the lace- pity I didn't take a photo of that.
Firstly, I must say that I LOVE jewellery. See that bangle on my arm? I wear jewellery with almost every one of my outfits, and I'd feel incomplete if I don't do so. Walking into the pre-auction display today, I was STUNNED by all the beautiful gems glittering at me. I could not help staring at them fixatedly and imagining them on my neck/wrist/ear/finger. Some of the pieces really make you go 'WOW'.
The auction later was unbelievable. People were raising their numbered placards and the auctioneer was calling out figures so rapidly that I could barely keep up. And some of the people in the room were there for serious business. A diamond necklace sold for 365 000 in Singapore dollars. A number of people were bidding over an uncut flawless diamond which is really rare. An item up for auction was the biggest tanzanite in the world, a really huge blue stone that made some gasp. When me and my mum left the auction wasn't even half over yet.
Some of my favourite pieces include a pair of chandelier earrings with diamonds and south sea pearls, a diamond necklace that resembles a snowflake, and many necklaces with coloured gems like blue and pink. My mum has given me some advice which I will keep in my heart. To me, jewellery is something that is to be collected and treasured. I only hope that I can have one of those pieces someday!
The exhilaration I felt today is akin to the one I had when I fell in love with fashion. It's the feeling of discovering and entering a new world you never knew existed. It has truly been an eye-opener.

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Miss Hedgehog said...

Yi lin! Love what you were wearing. Whao. How did you get to go for an auction?!! It's so totally cool!