Saturday, June 6, 2009

Reckless Ericka

Singaporean label Reckless Ericka debuted its line in the Blueprint show at Audi Fashion Festival. 'Reckless Ericka' is a fictional character invented by the designers, which makes for a catchy, fun name. I think the logo is simple but effective as well. For its debut collection, the theme was 'Brit kid goes to India', which I take to mean interpreting all things British from an Eastern perspective. Hence you get elements like the Union Jack splashed on a dress, but not in an overtly obvious way. I like the styling and set of their lookbook, some photos of which you see here. It's just fanning my desire for Doc Martens- both the black and floral ones are rad. By the way, they offer great men's pieces as well and the clothes can now be bought at their website. Definitely a label to watch.

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