Friday, June 26, 2009

Fashion blogger Jane of Sea of Shoes recently launched a capsule line of three shoes as a colloboration with Urban Outfitters. I ventured into the comments section of that post and came across some cutting, vitriolic comments lambasting her for getting such opportunities only because she's a rich kid. Someone in particular asked her to post her sketches from the design process, if she has any, to demonstrate her degree of design talent. Some background info: Jane's blog frequently features her donning clothes and shoes from designer brands such as Chanel, Ann Demeulemeester, Yves Saint Laurent, Dries Van Noten etc. I've often wondered myself how a 17-year old can afford such togs. Another reader pointed out that it's not hard to look good when one is loaded. This really got me thinking about the importance of money. Can money really buy success? Can wealth beat talent?

I also thought of Kira Plastinina, the daughter of a Russian mogul, who was able to establish her own label and set up a chain of swanky stores as a teen with her father's money, presumably. It's not that these people lack talent. As a regular reader of Jane's blog, I can certainly attest to her talent when it comes to styling. She has great personal style and exquisite taste, as well as a fine appreciation for the arts. Her blog, with its clean and striking visuals, good photography and writing, and amazingly-styled outfits, never fails to inspire me. I think people take offense at the fact that they have gotten to where they are largely because of money, while others who may be equally or even more talented miss out.

The world is not a fair place, though, and one can hardly begrudge them for having fortune on their side. The fortune to be blessed with wealth, that is. For the rest of us, there's always the formula of pure hard work. Besides, whether we realise it or not, fortune can smile on us in other ways, such as by letting us meet certain people in our lives.

On a different but related note, I admit that I find the idea of young teenage girls prancing around in designer clothes or accessories slightly disturbing, regardless of how many times I've seen it. I just don't approve of parents splashing out on big purchases for their children. What does that teach their children about the value of money? I always try to be conscious of the fact that it's my parents' money that I'm using, and hence avoid unneccessary spending. Maybe it's hard for me to imagine being in their position because I've never been rich.

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seabright said...

Hi! I found your blog from Teen Vogue.

Those are definitely some interesting thoughts, and I think it's awesome that you try to be conscious of your spending; I'm trying to be more aware of that too because really, money is so hard to earn.