Monday, June 1, 2009

Ads and Editorials- Comme des Garcons, Marc Jacobs and Rodarte

I don't post much about ads and editorials but here are three that I like for their design and concept. I think one has to think about how to translate the key garments of the designer's collection for the season into arresting images to achieve a good ad campaign. Sometimes this means focusing on a certain special detail or feature of a garment eg. the beautifully-draped back of a Rodarte dress. The clothes will definitely be perceived differently from when they are on the runway as ads offer a static, two-dimensional presentation. There would be stronger brand identity and coherence if the theme of the collection is incorporated. In the second Rodarte ad, the slasher influence is hinted at with bold splashes and drops of blood-red ink that lend it a striking, modern graphic quality as well. Ads offer creative space and possibilities for stylists, photographers, graphic designers, typographers etc. to collaborate and achieve a beautiful and effective result.

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