Thursday, May 7, 2009

Oriental Touches

People often seem surprised when they come to my house and see how 'Chinese' the decor is. Our lifestyles have become Westernized in many ways, such that Chinese-looking homes usually belong to predominantly Chinese-speaking households. I've noticed that Singaporeans (middle-class ones, at least) are increasingly giving English names to their children instead of only Chinese ones. It may be more convenient, but I find it strange to call myself by an English name, simply because I can't imagine anything more suitable than the one I already have.
Me and my sis agree that we'd like the decor of our future home to be country-ish, with Oriental touches. I love Chinese Ming vases, lantern-like lights, Japanese fabric and cherry blossom motifs. Those are all elements that I'd like to incorporate into my future home, plus a quaint antique Chinese dark wood dressing-table. The art on my walls would be modern takes on traditional Oriental art, such as ink paintings done in a different manner. My mum has a pale green Balinese vase with a swirly form that I want to steal. Don't tell her I said so.

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