Monday, May 11, 2009

My song choices for the American Idol contestants

Apparently judges Randy and Kara have chosen 'Apologize' by OneRepublic for Kris. It's ok I guess, but I feel there are other songs more suited to his voice and vibe. As for Danny, I can only say- huh? 'Dance Little Sister' by Terence Trent D'Arby, chosen by Paula, is pretty obscure, retro and dance-y. A potentially lethal combination, and I mean this negatively. Adam's in a way better position given Simon's choice of either 'One' by U2 or 'Wicked Game' by Chris Isaac. U2 is one of my favourite bands, but I really love the mood of 'Wicked Game' which could turn out to be as hot as 'Mad World'.

Here are my picks for songs I want the Idols to perform.

Adam: U2's 'With or Without You'
Journey's 'Don't Stop Believin'
'Hold me Thrill me Kiss me Kill me' from a Batman movie (perfect for movie night!)
Chris Isaac's 'Wicked Game'

Kris: Eagles' 'Hotel California'
'Girl from Ipanema'
Maroon 5's 'Sunday Morning'

Danny: hmm... how about a modernized version of George Michael's 'I'm never gonna dance again'?

Allison: errr... a rock, sultry version of 'Tennesse Waltz'

Matt: 'The Trouble with Love is'- bluesy, soulful song and he could throw in some riffs

Ok, as you can see, my song choices are limited by my knowledge of current pop music but anyway.

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Sydnie said...

I'm a huge American Idol fan! I agree completely with your comments about the judges' song choice for Kris ... that song is way too overrated, in my opinion. I like him singing slow songs like this, but not this one. I don't know. Adam's my favorite!