Thursday, May 22, 2008

This is going to be a gastronomical post...

I've liked pretty much every cuisine I've tried, but watching a show while eating lunch today made me realise that I haven't tried Greek food. Firstly, they have many varieties of salad. I love salad so I presume I'd enjoy their food. Secondly, they have all sorts of cheese, including goat's cheese. Another tick. And they have olive oil! There's nothing that goes better with freshly baked bread than a drizzle of olive oil (butter comes a close second). They use octopus and calamari. Calamari, yes, but octopus? They have LAMB, which I'm also not so sure about. However, I've long realised that when I don't really like something, it's because I haven't tried the best there is. I didn't use to like pork until I went to Japan and ate their shabu-shabu. Mmmm. I didn't use to like beef either, until I hada steak in a restaurant in Dempsey Road that tasted so luscious. So I think I might fall in love with lamb if I go to Greece. Plus, the Greek pastries and desserts look so delicious. I love custard! And I didn't know pavlova came from the Greeks. Maybe Greece should be my next holiday destination.

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