Saturday, May 17, 2008

The PERFECT gift from a guy

I started thinking about this topic when on Friday some people were gushing over a gift to my friend from a guy. I was strangely unmoved. But I thought there must be something that will inspire such sentiments in me so I came up with a list of my dream gifts from a guy. But first, what NOT to give me:

1) CHOCOLATES. Death to any guy who gives me chocolates.

2) RED ROSES. Nahhh, too cliche. Besides, I'm not really a red kind of girl.

3) POTTED PLANTS. This would actually be a pretty sweet gift, if not for the fact that I kill every plant I try to raise. Giving me cactus wouldn't cut it, either. I've killed two pots of cactus by over-watering them. So unless the guy wants the dead plant to be a symbol of our relationship, I say better not.

Gifts I dream of receiving from a guy:

1) My own customised writing set. Beautiful fountain pen engraved with my name, custom-designed notepaper etc. Of course, I'd use it to write him a thank-you letter.

2) A delicious home-cooked meal.

3) A story about me. If possible, hand-written and hand-illustrated. With beautiful binding.

4) If not a story, then a poem, song or a piece of artwork about me.

5) A collection of 365 poems, so I can read one for every day of the year.

6) He sneakily steals one of my jewellery designs and has it produced, then presents it to me as a surprise in a velvet-lined box.

7) Actually, just a simple note affirming his affection would make me very happy.

Talking about gifts, my sis is going to make me a necklace for my birthday and the design is going to be kept secret. So I expect to be surprised on my birthday! In return, I'll paint our small jewellery chests with floral patterns.

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