Sunday, May 18, 2008

Food, food, food...

My mother, in some fit of obsession, has forbidden us from taking substantial amounts of sugar. This means no ice-cream and chocolate. She even stopped us from eating more than three pieces of tapioca with coconut yesterday. She says sugar ain't good for one's complexion. Looks like I have to do away with ALL my drinks in school as they are potentially sugar-laden. Oh, and she doesn't allow me to drink milk either, but I go ahead anyway. I reason that I need calcium, right? But I blame my bad complexion on the spicy food I take in school (spiciness makes things taste nicer) and the copious amounts of chocolate cake everyone seems to have for their birthday. I'm going to have to decline having cake for my birthday if it involves chocolate. For my father's birthday we had lychee martini cake which smelled heavenly. It was picked from the list of Singapore's 50 best cakes. There wasn't much of a martini taste to speak of, though. I suppose I'll make it through this food drought somehow. I managed to stave off seafood and dairy products for a year when I had eczema (no eggs!). My mother didn't allow me to consume them 'cos she suspected I was allergic to them.

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