Wednesday, May 14, 2008

I should definitely compile a list of things to do after A levels. Right now this list would include (in no special order):

1) TRAVEL TO A FOREIGN COUNTRY. Vietnam, New York, Copenhagen, Japan, South Korea... whatever. I LOVE TRAVELLING! Even better if turns out that I like the local food. Food is definitely a major factor for me. Food, local culture, scenery... a bonus if the shopping is good.

2) DO CHARITY WORK. Maybe sign up with another volunteer programme like I did with kidzread. No way would my mum allow me to do charity work overseas.

3) LEARN COOKING AND BAKING. Ok, not exactly learn, since I've actually attended home econs classes and (I'm really proud of this) hand-made and cooked udon at the local Japanese senior high school! And they taste EXACTLY like the udon you eat in restaurants-just as springy, just as delicious. Extra fun added.

4) SET UP A WEBSHOP SELLING JEWELLERY. I have no idea how to go about doing this. NO IDEA. I don't even know my POSB account no. Well, I suppose the details can be sorted out later.

5) OBTAIN AN INTERNSHIP WITH A LOCAL MAGAZINE. Again, no idea how to do this. Some magazines I checked just asked for submission of "writing samples". Hmm.


7) how about... SHOPPING?




Well as you can see my list needs some more filling in.

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