Saturday, May 3, 2008

"Last night I was dreaming
I was caught in a prison cell
When I woke up I was screaming
Calling out your name
And the judge and the jury
They all put the blame on me
They wouldn't go for my story
They wouldn't hear my plea

Only you can set me free
'Cos I'm guilty
Guilty as a girl can be
Come on baby can't you see
I stand accused
Of love in the first degree"

------Love in the First Degree

I've been obsessed with this song lately. I think the analogy and imagery is so cool. My taste in music includes classical pieces, oldies (Carpenters etc.), disco hits, lounge (Jamie Cullum etc.), jazz and other stuff that I don't know falls where (Coldplay etc). I leave you with this love-y doodle:

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