Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Went to eat free Ben & Jerry's ice-cream today- stopped at two because I couldn't fit more! It was SOOO good. Besides, one of the scoop-ers recognized me from my old school and gave me an extra big heap of ice-cream! Previously, I assumed Singaporeans were the passive sort, but now I think this does not describe them in their entirety. Like recently when I went for the choir concert, a kind soul guided me to Victoria Concert Hall. Yesterday, too, a Nanyang student struck up a conversation with me about IP at the bus-stop. There are always people around willing to do you a favour, chat with you or help you out, and it is such people that bring cheer to my day. I'm trying to bring myself to be less reserved and do the same for others. Of course, it helps to look friendly, because nobody likes to approach a hostile-looking person.

On another note, my mum bought new Renoma wallets for me and my sister. I like that they're simple. My sister's wallet:

My wallet (love the colour!):

Minty green is one of my favourite colours, in addition to yellow, blue, white, gray, gold, silver and pink. When I was digging out the contents of my old wallet, i found this scrap of paper:

It's from 10 years ago, can you believe it! It's even a bit yellowed now. It's some weird bill I made out to my sis for using the computer. My spelling is atrocious ("exiry date").

Random photo of a watercooler: just playing around with the effects on my phone camera. I thought the result was quite cool.

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