Monday, April 28, 2008

To view works by the product design graduate who came to talk to us, visit His ongoing project, called Project 12, is really interesting. What he did was to print words on paper, cut them out individually, crumble and jumble them up and then form pairs randomly. What he got were phrases like "eat bed" and "love plate". Some sound rather nonsensical, but it's inspiring to see how he used them as a springboard for concepts and products. It's obvious that his works are more experimental and not really commercially viable, so it's hard for him to get by and he has to do part-time work.

Spent the afternoon today helping to finish a pair of glass mosaics for the school. I have to say they look really good! These photos don't really do them justice. We took an excruciatingly long time, designing, cutting up the tiles, sticking them in place, filling the concrete and finally polishing the glass. Just so glad it's done. Yay!

Two random photos: an incredibly blurred one (I was on the bus) of construction workers at the site of Ion Orchard, and the second of shadows on the ground. Can't wait for Ion Orchard to be opened so that I can have more shopping options. It's rumoured that the fantastic mid-range store H&M will have their first Singapore branch there. Though it's offerings would probably be not as fantastic as the ones in Europe, which is exactly what's happening with Topshop. Bleh.

I resolve to work hard for CTSs!

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