Thursday, April 10, 2008

The stress is finally starting to get to me. I'm faced with the daunting prospect of having to hand in four prep boards of my art coursework as part of my common test grade. On top of that, we have the full visual arts paper and half of the h3 paper. NOOOOO!!!!! I really must get down to work.

On another note, these photos from a teen vogue editorial on prom cheered me up ( The amusement park-cum-beach setting, the pairing of sneakers with a poofy tulle skirt, cute clutches and heels, bright colours and the geek boyfriend all spell goofy fun.

In addition, the fantastic issue shows how to customise a plain dress to make it prom-appriopriate.

This was originally a plain white dress. The hem area has been painted with black fabric paint and a black ribbon added at the waist. Looks pretty professional, don't you think?

I haven't yet made up my mind about whether prom is too contrived an affair, what with everyone dressing in gowns and the conventional hotel setting. I think it'd be very cool to hold prom in an alternative setting, like a disused factory turned dancefloor or something (I'm thinking of the London Tate Modern museuem and St James Powerstation here). I'm deciding between a short or full-length dress. Full-length would bring a dramatic flair, but I like the spirit of a short dress. And I really am not into the idea of opting for the usual Daniel Yam gowns. His designs are ok, but get kind of routine after a while and anyway I know there are better, more unique designs for dresses. I think I'd try to sew my own dress, and pray that it wouldn't turn out disastrous.