Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Dreaming of a new school bag...

Someone on Craftster actually MADE THIS BAG. Doesn't it look fantastic? Such perfect straps and piping! Love the choice of print as well. When I'm free I'm totally going to make some stylish bags that I can sport on the university campus.
Watched the finale of It started with a kiss 2 today. The show provides an opportunity for me to keep in touch with my chinese. As expected, the finale made me cry. I never fail to cry when watching the last episode of any good drama serial with some form of love tragedy. Goong, hana yori dango, and now this. Oh yeah, I cried for Gokusen too, but that was a teacher-students relationship. It sounds paradoxical (not to mention masochistic, haha), but tragedy actually makes me feel good in that I'm achieving release of emotions. I think I understand what Aristotle means when he said that the tragic drama helps us achieve "catharsis".

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