Thursday, December 18, 2008

6 reasons why I like Christmas

(Not necessarily in order of preference)

1) Food. I know Christmas conjures up memories of low-grade buffets and tough turkey meat for some people, but for me it's a time for feasting on delicious food. Maybe it's because my family nearly always spends Christmas with relatives in Malaysia, who'd provide good food for us. My mum's roast turkey is divine. And any leftover turkey is used to cook turkey porridge. Mmmm... my mouth is watering by just thinking about it.

2) Company. It feels perfectly natural to get together with family, friends and relatives during Christmas time. An elaborate party setting is not even required.

3) Shopping. Somehow the phrase 'Christmas shopping' appeals to me, even if I'm not shopping for gifts. Any purchase for myself is excusable- it's Christmas after all! Everyone's on a high and that means retail indulgence.

4) Outfits. Christmas is an excuse to wear pretty, glittery outfits. No outfit is too shiny/ glitzy/ extravagant. It's all part of the festive mood.

5) Christmas cards. I enjoy making and sending out Christmas cards. Unfortunately it's not something I'm able to do every year. Some people find the whole process of writing and sending cards tedious and contrived, but I think it won't be so if it's for those that one truly cares about. Besides, nothing beats the feeling of receiving mail on Christmas Day, and opening the envelope to find a beautiful card. It makes one feel appreciated.

Most of all...

6) the Festive Spirit. Isn't it contagious?

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