Monday, December 8, 2008

Grandma's giveaways

So, my mum returned from Penang a few weeks ago with a big bag stuffed full of hand-me-downs from my grandma. Yes, my grandma is pretty scary when it comes to buying habits... she can buy clothes practically EVERY WEEK. Here are detail shots of some of the clothes, of which I'm keeping only a few.

The amount of handwork that went into this dress is ASTOUNDING. The swirly floral pattern and sequins remind me of Dries Van Noten.

A velvety black top with puff sleeves.

This has a folksy vibe about it.

A white mandarin jacket that makes a stylish pajama top. Or I was thinking of wearing it unbuttoned over a top. Hmm.

This print is so cute. Reminds me of Lanvin's most recent resort collection.

I think my poor mum is being driven insane by the maid. She's our third maid in six months and I'm not sure how long she can last. Working women have it the worst.

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