Friday, December 12, 2008

Layering Lalalala...

I like looking at fall collections to see how layering can be done. Unfortunately with Singapore's tropical climate layering is not very feasible :( Still I can at least try it in the confines of my room. In the photos I'm wearing three layers on top- a long-sleeved floral-printed top, a brown silky shirt over that, and finally a short-sleeved white crochet cardigan to top it off. Frankly I hardly wear this pink skirt because pink, especially this shade of pink, is not really my thing. It was my sis who bought it for very cheap. I think she likes the dusky hue but if I want to wear pink I'd wear a bright, clear pink.

I think I'm going to cut my hair soon. Seems that I like short hair best after all :) Besides, cutting my hair short at the end of the year is kind of like a ritual for me. This was how short my hair was at the end of last year, when I cut it right before leaving for Japan:

I included that stupid photo in the middle because it's the only one that shows my hair from the side. And the last photo with my sis is for length comparison. The guy from my japanese class can say that "guys like girls with long hair" but I don't care, I think I look better with short hair. A bit boyish I suppose but cute.
By the way, from looking at these photos I don't think lavender's my colour...

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