Thursday, September 24, 2009

Time passes so quickly- it's exactly a month since I arrived in Los Angeles and nearly a third into the semester. Wow.

Just returned from a marathon life drawing session, english lit. class and dinner at Taco Bell. I had chicken quesadilla- first time eating meat in... 2 or 3 weeks? I find meat too troublesome to prepare so I usually stick to eggs.

During lunch break I went shopping for fruits at the Farmers' Market opposite my school. The strawberries I bought are so sweet and juicy. Delicious. Strawberries were a luxury to me back in Singapore so I'm delighted that I can now have them whenever I want.

I think I'm going for an extra life drawing class tomorrow. Feel like I need more practice. I must conquer life drawing. It's definitely the toughest art class I've ever had.

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Ly said...

Time does fly. One month already! :D You are doing fine, darling, and you will do better as time goes. :)