Wednesday, September 16, 2009

School's been going well and I'm enjoying my lessons more and more, as well as the company of the people. I've been graded on a few assignments and received mostly Bs and an A, which is pretty good. I like picking out my outfits every day. This may sound trivial, but it's a freedom that's heaven to someone who's been wearing uniforms all her life.

How else have I been spending my time? Well, checking out the new collections for spring, because New York Fashion Week is going on now. If anything catches my eye, it'll appear on this blog soon :) By the way, my school library has a great collection of magazines covering art, design, architecture, fashion, popular culture etc. I was just checking out the September issue of Vogue.

On the advice of my brother, who spent a year in the US on an exchange programme, I bought Ben & Jerry's ice-cream, a bag of tortilla chips and salsa from the supermarket. Ice-cream is way cheaper here- the Ben & Jerry's were 2 for 6 USD which is about 4.50 Singapore dollars each tub! WOW. I dipped the tortilla chips into the salsa for a quick snack and they were so yummy. Seriously, you find it hard to stop.

Ok, this is turning into a post about food. By request, here's some pics of the food I've eaten lately:
A scrumptious Chinese-style dinner. Credit for cooking it must go to my marvellous flatmate. Love the dark noodles! Chinese and Singaporean food has become a luxury to me now and I find myself craving all kinds of dishes I never particularly liked before.
Cereal with a sprinkling of blueberries. They eat a lot of cereal here. I try to make mine healthier by avoiding the sugary flavours and adding fresh fruits.
Sandwich with dark lettuce and ham, a slice of watermelon and milk tea for breakfast. Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day and I wake up early to prepare something nice.
Veggies drizzled with Thousand Island dressing, and bread with olive oil for lunch.

Inari sushi and stir-fried kangkong for dinner! The sushi is not of my own making, though I wish it were.

I frequently get hungry because classes are physically and mentally draining, so it's a challenge to find snacks that are quick and easy. Hence things like granola bars and fruits.


clarissa said...

Hehe, are you sure you're reading vogue for the fashion only? Anyway, what's with the drizzling of thousand island dressing? It was non existent! I can't believe you're so healthy! Our (xw and mine) diet is failing so horribly due to the immense amount of temptation that comes in the form of the science canteen.

ellastica said...

if you're ever at Trader Joe's pick up their tzatziki sauce. it goes with everything and tastes delicious on it's own. and if you can find it must try Starbucks Java Chip ice cream. i don't even go into their shops; it's so much better. heaven in a pint!
good to see you're adjusting and enjoying life in Cali.
so far no must have September issues for me altho the themes from the Philosophy runway peaked my interest.

yihoong said...

the building in your previous post is beautiful, and the mexican market looks great! now that I can see your silver jewellery more clearly, I really love them! wish you bought some mexican tops