Saturday, September 26, 2009

My apartment

View from the entrance.

Kitchen area.

Dining table.

Living room.

My room (my bed's the one on the left).

Our walk-in closet. My area's the one on the left- you'll notice it's very minimal compared to my roommate's. I have four pairs of shoes in total- the two I wear most often are in the entrance area.
The view from our room's window. In the distance is the airport. I can see the lights flashing from planes at night.
View from our window, continued. Facing us is a boutique hotel (the black building).

The balcony that connects to our living room.


clarissa said...

wow it looks really spacious! maybe soon you'll accumulate more clothes! (:

Kaya said...

This makes it very personal, which creates a connect with your readers. I think it takes strength to have come from Singapore to LA for the very first time, sustain conviction in yourself.

You can do it, I'm sure! Don't give up and take the lows as experiences and nothing more.

I wish you all the very best.

And hey the view form the balcony seems great for introspection. Keep at it, stay strong :)


yihoong said...

i love the kitchen! looks better than ours even. thanks to you, i have a real craving for mexican food. Thinking of pina colodas and tropical holidays now...btw xiaowen says your apartment looks great too.