Sunday, November 9, 2008


Major painter of the Ukiyo-e era. His paintings make me nostalgic for the Japan of the past. They have a mysterious, haunting quality to them. It seemed like such a beautiful land! The last one is of Kinkakuji Temple (its English name is the Golden Pavillon) which I actually visited a few years ago. It offers me a glimpse of what the temple and the area surrounding it was like in its original state. Of course, the wilderness around it doesn't exist anymore, but at least I can experience it vicariously through this picture.
I love looking at Japanese prints for the images they provoke in my mind. The landscape acts as a wonderful foil for a certain mood or emotion. In this case I sense loneliness. The features of Japanese painting that make them so special for me are the use of delicate black outlines and the vivid colours, especially when there are colour gradients. I admire traditional Chinese paintings for the sensitive use of brushstrokes and washes of colour to create texture. Eastern art is so different from Western art.
So many artists' works and fashion stuff that I want to post. I have a countless number of images saved in various folders on my laptop. It'd be a pity to let them rest there! Haha. I forgot to mention my Japanese listening comprehension exam in my previous posts. I had it on Friday. As expected, it was terribly difficult. It was pretty awkward to have the RJ people in a separate room next to us. I wonder if they should abolish the practice of having RJ as a separate centre for Japanese, and make everyone learn at the language centre. After all, German has stopped that practice.

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