Monday, March 22, 2010

What I love about LA

1) Great shopping. One can find fashionable clothes at great prices. The Urban Outfitters store's lifestyle concept is a revelation. I'm always tempted to walk out with an armful of clothes, bottles of nail polish, quirky books and a film camera.

2) Eating places with great atmosphere. Whenever I pass by the streets in a car I always see some place interesting that I want to check out. Also, there's such a variety of cuisines available- ethnic, deli, diner food etc. The best thing to do, really, is to grab a spot at a cafe and order a coffee.

3) Farmers' Markets. I love to buy fresh produce there, and sometimes grab a snack or two. Oh, did I mention that you can find jewellery as well?

4) Mexican food! Tacos, burritos and tamales (my favourite) that are cheap AND finger-licking good. I want to buy from a taco truck but I never see one in my area :(

5) Sunshine and good weather. It makes every day seem so pleasant.

6) Being surrounded by both mountains and beaches. I like seeing the mountains in the background when driving, and the calmness of the beach (if you can find a quiet spot) is lovely.

What else?

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yihoong said...

I'd love to have a farmers market here!