Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Last week's activities included visiting the Santa Monica Aquarium, and having Vietnamese food (pho/ beef noodles, rice paper rolls and a desert of fresh coconut milk and ground beans) for Sunday lunch. Delicious!
Did I mention how delighted I am that spring is here? I'm enjoying the warmer weather, longer days, blossoming flowers and the feeling of sun and air on my skin. I like the ease of wearing looser clothes and fewer pieces, plus putting on my pretty jewellery. Somehow I don't wear much jewellery in colder months, because they get lost among the layers anyway.
Can't believe that I'm headed home in little more than a month. I still have so many matters to deal with. The days have really flown by. I longed to return terribly when I first came, but now I find that I'm actually enjoying myself. The kindred spirits I've met so far are a major part of my positive experience. There are still so many things I haven't discovered about LA.


chewchew321 said...

YILIN! qinyi here!!! hahas. found your blog by chance after a friend told me about it! :D i see that you're enjoying your life in LA! i'm also in the US studying (in cornell now, upstate NY). hahhas keep in touch!

shoo said...

hey yilin!

i just discovered the website "book by its cover" from your blog. it is giving me loads of inspiration for my next assignment, thanks! ahahaha!

by the way, meet up when you get back, ok! i can't wait to hear all about LA. :D