Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Power of a Good Coat

So we had a few days of freakishly windy weather here in LA last week, and not being able to stand the cold, I ran to the mall and bought a dark blue coat and a wrap cardigan with a chunky knit. Yesterday in the elevator after class, I put on the coat in anticipation of the chilly evening. Here's the reaction it elicited from one of my male classmates:

A: "Oh my god, where did you get that coat?"
Me: (slightly stunned) "Um, Forever 21? I just bought it over the weekend 'cos I was cold."
A: "I've been looking for a coat like that forever. How much was it?"
Me: "Like, 30 (USD)."
A: "Dude, I'm so getting that coat."

I guess I could see why he wants my coat. It's a classic cut, mid-thigh length, that you can button up and belt in colder weather or leave it open. It's snuggly, slightly oversized, basically everything I want in a coat. Plus, it's dark blue, one of my favourite colours.

I'm not selling that coat to him.


clarissa said...

Oh please show a picture of the coat! It sounds nice! (:

yihoong said...

haha e guy sounds so cool he actually doesn't mind wearing girls' coats