Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I was having brunch at a crepes cafe run by Japanese women when I heard the theme song for one of my favourite Japanese drama serials, Love Shuffle. It felt so familiar and strange at the same time. I feel detached from the person I was before I came to L.A. I've changed more in the past two months or so than I did in the past year. Before this, I never even looked at my bills. When anything went wrong, I'd automatically run to my parents or my brothers for help. The experience of living alone in a foreign country has forced me to grow up and learn to deal with matters myself. It was something that I recognized as lacking in myself and it really spurred my decision to leave my comfort zone and go to a new place.

This seems frightening and daunting, but it can also be very liberating. Eating in a cafe with friends, walking in a shopping mall thousands of miles away from home, exploring the streets- these activities give me a great sense of freedom. Sometimes I wonder if I'll be able to live permanently in the States. I do miss Singapore a lot and I consider myself a Singaporean girl at heart. But there are times that make me think, This isn't so bad. Maybe I can live here after all. I wonder how I'm being remembered by those back home. I wonder if I'll return and find that things have changed and people have moved on.

On another note, I visited a new mall in Culver City and went crazy in the huge (2-storey) Forever 21 store. The offerings are SO much better than those in Singapore. I also found an Indian restaurant and got my Indian food fix. Yay!

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