Friday, November 6, 2009

Money Money Money

Excuse the cheesy title, but that is indeed what's on my mind. It drives me insane to be constantly so calculative with money. Everytime I pick something off the shelf at the grocery store I'm calculating how many meals I can get out of it and comparing the price to other items. I always try to buy whatever's discounted for that week. I don't even get lunch from the school cafeteria because it's pricey. Instead, I cook and pack my own lunch. And still I feel like I'm spending alot.

It's the little snacks and drinks in school that add up, plus the meals I have outside during the weekend. Why is food here so ridiculously expensive? Not to mention the art supplies I have to stock up on regularly. Now I make sure that I eat every grain of rice, finish every last sip of my drink, and have the waiter pack any leftovers I have when I eat out.

I've resolved to take biscuits to school for snacks. I'm even wondering if I should bring my own drinks. Not sure what to contain them in though. My water bottle?

Sigh. I need to learn to be more savvy with my finances. When adult life rolls around there'll be even more things to manage like investment portfolios and insurance.

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Ly said...

Honey, dun stress and dun be too hard on yourself financially! Relax! Love you! Hang in there!