Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Thank you to all who've left nice comments on this blog. It feels great to receive support and encouragement from people I've never met. I know that I'm not as rich or pretty as others may be. I'm the fourth child in a middle-class family hence I can't afford expensive clothes. I've struggled with acne and other skin problems for the past nine years, which has affected my appearance and self-confidence. Mine is not an 'outfit photo' blog because I don't look perfect everyday. What I do possess is intellect and talent. These gifts can't be bought with money, so I'm going to treasure them and use them well to enrich my life and the lives of others. Beauty may fade, but I like to think that I'd still have a brilliant mind and a creative spirit in my old age.
Visited the Page One bookstore in VivoCity today for the first time. It's much more spacious than I expected yet has a cosy feel. Maybe it's all that brown wood. I loved it the moment I walked in, when I caught a whiff of the distinctive smell of book paper. The selection of books on fashion, art and design is brilliant. Now I'm kicking myself for not visiting it earlier. I wore the high-waisted checked skirt pictured above that looks even fuller in person. It's seriously very cute.


Kaya said...

:) Will leave a comment a bit later; as soon as I get the chance to. In which I'll say what I have to re. this post... :)

Take Care and always smile :)


Saniha said...

I saw you on teenvogue! I love your outfit!! and i know what its like to have money and only work with what you have to make a cute outfit..if you want you can check out my website!http://memoirsofabrokefashionista.blogspot.com/