Wednesday, December 19, 2007


I really enjoyed myself during the Japan trip! Just BEING there feels amazing. I feel like I've learnt alot by taking up a third language. It exposes you to new ways of thinking. Before that, about the only thing I knew about Japan was sushi. Now, I'm preparing my coursework for next year, the topic being the westernization of the japanese diet. Should be interesting! Along the way I've met some great teachers who really helped me fall in love with the language and the culture. Yep! The three best moments of the trip for me:

1) DISNEYLAND! The whole day was just a SCREAM! Loved the smoked turkey and different-flavoured churros. Especially enjoyed myself on the rollercoasters and screamed my head off, though my classmate kept telling me that it wasn't scary at all. The sensation of being in mid-air, of wind whipping through your hair is fantastic. The Christmas decorations are lovely too.

2) Party with Japanese high school students + yosakoi dance
I actually got up to do the dance with the performers! It was VERY fun even if I looked like a mess of flailing limbs.

3) Being greeted by the sea in Kamakura
We reached there when it was almost sunset and the beach looked beautiful. What intrigued me was that the sand actually sparkles. Nice to see the locals relaxing there too.

I loved the food too, because I love Japanese food. Luckily, I can expect more good food to come 'cos I'm making my annual trip to Penang this Saturday. Besides, roasting a turkey at Christmas is a tradition for my family. I hope I don't overeat! I threw up my Christmas dinner in Penang last year. NOT fun.

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