Sunday, April 11, 2010

Just an update on what I've been doing in this crazy period (3 more weeks to the end of the semester!) I took time off to attend the Fashion Jury show, which showcases student work for final selection to be in the actual show. Design mentors included Anthropologie and Armani Exchange, also this label I'd never heard of called Patagonia. It's not a fashion label in the conventional sense as it focuses on organic outdoor apparel, but it's expanding its offerings to include more stylish options. It's particularly known for its eco-friendly slant, which is definitely the direction I think fashion should take. It was fascinating to see how the students recycled outdoor garments and gear into wearable clothes.
On Friday I went apartment-hunting in the Downtown area. Two of the apartments were particularly impressive. One of them was right next to the Museum of Contemporary Art (the door literally opens onto the museum courtyard!), and close to a music school and the Walt Disney Concert Hall. I heard that they have free concerts outdoors in the summer. The other apartment was in this medieval palace style and had its own small private park for residents, complete with park benches and barbecue grills! It was a little too much for me. The one we settled on is pretty cute with bright lights and cheery colours.
Honestly, sometimes I question what I'm doing and if I'm fit for such a competitive industry (this happened after I nearly fell asleep at the table for the upteenth time doing homework). It's not the work itself but the pressure to perform that daunts me. Moreover, I'm paying a heck load of my parents' money for it, with no guarantee of a job in future and little respect from some people. Incredible as it sounds, I actually miss studying things like literature in depth. I'm trying to pinpoint what exactly it is about fashion design that I like. Not the social aspect of the industry, for sure. I think admire the artistry of fashion designers and I'm intrigued by the transformative power of clothes. I've also been talking to my church friend about reconciling our Christian faith with fashion. Have I found an answer? Not really.

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yihoong said...

oh the apartments sound cute:) still hoping that I can visit LA after all that I've heard about it from you. I think there are people out there who admire that you have something you're passionate about, or that you pursue what you love, especially since its something "unconventional". though it may be hard, don't bother abt those who don't give you respect cos what you're doing is inspiring to some.