Monday, April 5, 2010

I experienced earthquake tremors for the first time yesterday. And let me tell you, though it lasted for only a minute or so, it was pretty scary. Things were swaying and creaking. It felt surreal, like "Is this really happening?" I think I said a prayer but I'm not sure because my mind was blank.

It's times like these that remind me to show love and appreciation for my family and friends, as life can be extinguished in an instant. I'm very lucky to have just made a new friend and future roommate, someone who shares common values and interests. We had such fun and meaningful time together the past weekend, and I think she is someone who can enrich my life. It seems that there's someone constantly watching because everytime I need something it's given to me, though it may not be in the form I expected. Sometimes I don't even realize that my life was lacking in a certain aspect until I receive it.

On another note, I've been following British chef Jamie Oliver's TV show 'Food Revolution', in which he tries to change the school food of America. I watched the original one set in Britain, and while I thought the situation there was preposterous, it seems that the U.S. might be worse. Many people don't even seem to perceive a problem with their eating habits. Two high school girls ("obviously foxy young ladies", Jamie said to them) weren't concerned that their lunch tray was piled with French fries and no vegetables. Well, like Jamie sniped, "Enjoy it while you can." Youth and health is not going to last forever.

Honestly, I was rather appalled with the food options when I first arrived. There was an entire aisle devoted to frozen foods, which are all processed and nutrient-deficient. I saw people piling boxes of those in their trolley. Whoa. This made my resolution to eat healthily rather tricky, especially with the discounted Ben & Jerry's and Haagen Daaz ice-cream. At the same time, I found out that a healthy eating culture does exist here, one associated with organic supermarkets like Whole Foods and fresh produce from the Farmers' Market. I think my diet is better than many college students, but still not ideal. At least I'm not eating instant ramen all the time (would you believe I've eaten it only once since I came?) Hopefully I can work towards that next semester.


shoo said...

yea, i know how you feel about the earthquake tremor. i just felt one recently when i was in taiwan... and after that the news was reporting all about it. even on CNN! only then did i realise it was quite serious. it has become so commonplace in taiwan that the locals all seem unconcerned.

Anonymous said...

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