Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Another full day of doing art coursework today. It's the last few weeks and I'm absolutely TERRIFIED that I won't be able to finish or do a good job. I still need to do my IS and Japanese coursework! Plus I need to prepare for my actual A level Japanese oral exam which is on October 2. Prelim results are the least of my worries now. I wonder what possessed me to take such taxing subjects. But they are the ones I really want to take. Reflecting on it now, I don't think I'd have done any different, except to not take maths so that I'll have more time. My sis is being a goddess now, offering me support and encouragement. That, and my personal will, is the only thing that's stopping me from breaking down. And breakdowns aren't uncommon. My friend in AEP in Nanyang JC told me that a few of her classmates broke down because of the stress from doing coursework. I know the best thing to do now is to keep calm and stay upbeat and focused.

My brother's going to New York next week. I'm trying hard not to be envious. There's so much shopping one can do there! Visit Target, Steve Madden, Nine West, American Apparel, flea markets, vintage stores, thrift shops, factory outlets. I think there are some great restaurants there as well and a variety of cuisines to try. Plus there are famous landmarks to see such as Times Square, the Empire State building etc. Okay. I'm envious already! I might not get a holiday at the end of this year because we need the money to pay for our university education next year. My mum says it's really taxing on our finances to have two children enter university at the same time. Besides, my second brother, because of National Service, had his university education delayed hence is still in university now. That equals to supporting three children in university! No wonder people in Singapore don't want to have children. It really drains one's wealth. I think if the government wants to encourage people to have more children then they should support bigger families like us. Thank goodness my eldest brother is working already.

This year seems to be an auspicious year. My brother has five weddings in total to attend at the end of the year. Not his own, unfortunately.

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