Saturday, March 29, 2008


Most people might not know that I enjoy photography. The photographic lens, for me, possesses the magical ability to capture the moment and convey a certain emotion. The first time I travelled without my parents (in Sec 2 when I went with my drama club members to put up a performance in Perth), I was kind of clueless about cameras. Being the amateur that I was, I neglected to bring any extra camera batteries and a charger. I was so shocked when my camera ran out of batteries :). I felt like I was allowing many precious moments to slip away. Ever since then, I've made sure to carry extra batteries and a charger with me when I travel. I don't necessarily try to take only postcard-pretty shots of a place, but like to take photos of the people and their activities as well. So, here's some recent photos:

Clockwise: coloured glass marbles, chair legs in motion, flowers in my room, a tear in a piece of paer, lace detail on my mum's old nightgown, my sis lying on the bed.

Half of these were taken by my sister and half by me.

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