Saturday, March 29, 2008

Cutesiness galore

Realised that I've never posted any photos from my japan trip last year. I'm currently nursing a possible eye infection, which explains why I'm taking a break from schoolwork. Hopefully posting some merry photos from Tokyo Disneyland will make me feel better. Be warned about the cutesiness and self-indulgence of the following photos.

Top to bottom: cute kids posing for photos, my sister trying on an uber-cute stitch headpiece, me wearing a daffy duck headpiece, and me as a suave pirate.

These headpieces are pretty much useless but i suppose I'm entitled to try them on to indulge my inner kawaii. I'm striking my best pirate look, ditto side-swept fringe. Suave might not be the right word though...

And finally (I saved the best for the last)...

Girls in my japanese class posing with local male students.

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