Thursday, January 14, 2010

I'm back from another gruelling day at school, and already it seems that we have a ton of work to do. I started my model drawing (aka fashion drawing) module yesterday and it was very interesting to experiment with different ways of depicting the subject and her mood and clothes. For life drawing we're working on a larger scale and eventually life size. I'm slightly daunted by the prospect, but I trust that everything will work out well as long as I practise.

Form and Space class seems much more bearable now that we're not forced to work with certain materials. I'm thinking of wood here. Cutting and fitting together pieces of wood was the bane of my existence in first semester. My palms often got pink from abrasion with the wood after working for some time. This time we're given a lot more personal freedom. We're about to start on a sculpture project based on our own theme, and using materials of our choice. Further on we'll construct a form out of textiles and fabric, which sounds pretty intriguing.

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thelittlestitcher said...

Hi Yi Lin! I came across your feature in fashionnation and found my way here! I'm currently studying my foundation year in lasalle, and will be going on to fashion design next year. i just wanted to say you're really inspiring and i look forward to seeing your future works :)